How do I whitelist bounces?
Wed Dec 31 05:55:36 UTC 2003

> > dcc: @ A:A
> I don't recognize that sort of log entry.  Does it concern a bounce
> from <> to a single-use source address for a mailing list intended to
> let some mailing list software know which address has gone bad and
> should be unsubscribed?


> Do you want to tell the dccifd greylisting mechanism or the DCC bulk
> mail detector to whitelist them?  I suspect the latter because of the
> comment about servers retrying.

Well, both, but the greylist is more interesting because I don't reject on
bulk at SMTP time.

> Why not teach whatever recognizes them to give dccifd a constant "local
> user name"

Ugh.  I could do that, but I was hoping for something less ad-hoc.

John Levine,

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