How do I whitelist bounces?

Vernon Schryver
Wed Dec 31 05:17:45 UTC 2003

> From: "John R Levine" <>

> Is there any way to tell DCC to whitelist bounces like these short of
> trying to find all the body checksums?  The sender addresses are all
> null, since they're bounces, the recipient addresses are all different
> since they have a message number and recipient address encoded in
> them, and the IP sources are all over the place.
> Most servers retry and get through, but I get the impression that some
> don't bother.
> dcc: @ G:G
> dcc: @ A:A
> dcc: @ A:A

I don't recognize that sort of log entry.  Does it concern a bounce
from <> to a single-use source address for a mailing list intended to
let some mailing list software know which address has gone bad and
should be unsubscribed?

Do you want to tell the dccifd greylisting mechanism or the DCC bulk
mail detector to whitelist them?  I suspect the latter because of the
comment about servers retrying.

If so, why not ignore the relatively few mail systems that won't retry
a greylist embargo and (continue to?) use the "weak" form of greylisting?

How are those messages delivered?  Something must recognize them as
addressed to the mailing list mechanism.  Why not teach whatever
recognizes them to give dccifd a constant "local user name" as the
second half of each {SMTP Rcpt_To, username} ordered pair recipient
value?  Then that "username" could be whitelisted using a per-user
whiteclnt file.

Vernon Schryver

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