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Valentin Chopov
Fri Dec 26 16:26:50 UTC 2003


thanks for the quick reply.

On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> I've seen plenty of 100BaseTX networks that have problems.  Autonegotiation
> added more fun to the things that can happen with 10BaseTX.

If we have problems with our LAN, I think we should see much more serious
problems then the connections to the DCC servers ;)

> Dccm has always switched to the next server based on RTT.  You can
> test it by shutting down the DCC server that dccm is currently using.

Maybe this will work if I shutdown the DCC server or even when dbclean is
running. But this happens when the server is running and "cdcc info"
displays that this server as a current one (with the lowest RTT).

> All 3 of your servers seem to be not answering dccm at once.  That is
> probably what is happening, perhaps because they are all running dbclean
> at once (many not at 08:00) or because something has happened to your
> network.

All 3 servers are running the dbclean cron job at  different time of the

>It could also be that dccm only thinks that all 3 DCC servers
> are failing because the system running dccm is so busy that dccm does not
> manage to run more than once every dozen seconds.

Maybe here is the answer. This was the reason last week to remove
SpamAssassin from this machine and now it runs much better (2.4GHz P4 HTT,
1GB  RAM, FreeBSD). But maybe sometimes when there is a mail flood dccm
can't handle the traffic and we'are getting this warnings. I'll renice dccm and
maybe it will improve something.

Thanks again,


Valentin S. Chopov, CC[ND]P
Sys/Net Admin
SEI Data Inc.

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