Stuck in the greylist

Vernon Schryver
Thu Dec 25 04:43:20 UTC 2003

> From: "John R Levine" <>

> > > It appears that the semantic resends all keep the same fuz2.  How about
> > > (optionally at least) using that rather than the body checksum in the
> > > greylist?  That'll let through the semantic resends while still being
> > > resilient against multiple spam runs.
> >
> > How one answers that question may depend on how one sees the dccifd
> > and dccm greylisting being used.  These examples all seem to involve
> > bulk mail.
> I'm not sure it's all bulk.  Some seems to be transactional, unique to the
> recipient but still generated on the fly.

Transactional messages often look substantially identical to the DCC.

I'm thinking of making `dccd -Gweak` ignore the body checksum.

Vernon Schryver

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