DESTDIR installation

Vernon Schryver
Mon Dec 22 22:58:55 UTC 2003

> From: Alex S Moore <>

> ...
> > Why can't you use something like `./configure --homedir=$DESTDIR` ?
> I am not the best person to answer this, but here goes.  Other programs use
> --prefix=<installdir>, where you have said --homedir.  The terminology is
> different but the results are exactly the same.  The difference is that Makefile
> on a lot of programs have code that installs to something like
> '$(DESTDIR)$(HOMEDIR)'.  For someone installing on their own machine, DESTDIR is
> not defined and files are installed to homedir. 

The DCC home directory path is built into a lot of scripts and a.outs.
It can be overridden in /var/dcc/dcc_conf or by command line args.
I do not see how one might use $(DESTDIR) in those cases, unless
you can instead do as I suggested and invoke the DCC configure script
with suitable parameters.

I still don't understand your needs.  I suspect that no changes are
needed in the DCC installation mechanisms, and that you can get what
you need in the wrappers you use for your environment.

>                                             DESTDIR is an offset used for
> packaging.  I think that it is part of SysV packaging standards.  Also, I see
> DESTDIR used on make files built with GNU tools that are not too old. ...

Talk about the only correct way to package software according to AT&T
(or SCO or whomever owns SysV today) or the FSF is as likely to convince
people like me who are not tithing members of those churches as
references to books on analogous subjects published by Microsoft Press.
I've been ignoring the AT&T SV packaging rules except for unpacking
SVR* for 18 years.

I don't want to be offensive, but the DCC installation instructions
now talk about `./configure --homedir=xxx` instead of --prefix=xxx
because I tired of receiving email from GNU priests informing me of
violations of the GNU Canon Law on the Proper Use of Autoconf and that
I must immediately change the DCC source.  I was literally told that
concerns about effects on existing installations are irrelevant.  They
offer no technical justification for the changes other than the
difficulties they have reading the DCC installation instructions instead
of following their GNU trained noses.  I hoped that by making the DCC
packaging look less like what they think they understand, they'd see
me as a heathen instead of a heretic.

] From: Alex S Moore <>

] ...
] > I cannot see any reason to break thousands of existing installations.
] > Perhaps I do not understand what you are asking.
] Here is a better example of the usage of DESTDIR.
] If you do a normal make, without defining DESTDIR, it will install to
] /some/place.  However, if you run, in the same build tree make
] DESTDIR=/tmp/stage it will then install to /tmp/stage/some/place.

Ok, but why can't you make your own wrappers that will invoke the DCC
./configure script?

Have you looked at the DCC makefiles to see if hooks like
DCC_PROTO_HOMEDIR might fit your needs?

Vernon Schryver

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