Another greylisting server rejection issue...

Tim Wicinski tim@MEER.NET
Mon Dec 22 19:49:39 UTC 2003

Vernon Schryver wrote:

> If it is bulk mail, and if it is legitimate, then it should be whitelisted
> whether greylisting is used or not.
> Given the reputation of Yahoo Groups, it might be best to let individual
> users add individual streams of it to their individual whitelist files.

we have never had issues with Yahoo Groups, which may be a good thing.

However, we seem to be getting more and more complaints that 452 
temporary greylist embargo errors are being returned to senders as 
"undeliverable".  I've had to turn off greylisting until we can figure 
out what legitimate mail was never delivered.   First step is to figure 
out what MTAs these folks are using and why are they receiving the mail 
returned and not queued.


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