Apparent buglet in dccifd

John R Levine
Mon Dec 22 19:15:07 UTC 2003

Looking at the files logged in log/356, it appears there's some sort of
off by one or race condition bug in logging the hostname of the connecting
host, e.g.:

DATE: 12/22/03 10:15:22 EST
IP: ::ffff:
env_To:  addr=virtual  dir=userdirs/virtual

Host is not, but the preceding and
following messages a few seconds apart were from which is
indeed  The tcpserver program which indirectly calls the
dccifd client does the rDNS lookup and I'm pretty sure it's passing the
correct data.  Given the way it's structured, forking early in the process
and not using threads, I don't see how it could mess this up anyway.

I haven't yet checked to see if the whitelist code is confused by the
incorrect name or it's just a cosmetic error.

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