DESTDIR installation

Vernon Schryver
Mon Dec 22 17:22:10 UTC 2003

> From: Alex S Moore <>

> I am a package maintainer for the Solaris community from the site.
>  What are chances of getting the DCC scripts to use DESTDIR for the install
> directory?

I cannot see any reason to break thousands of existing installations.
Perhaps I do not understand what you are asking.

> I am in the process of packaging SpamAssassin (SA) for and I
> really want to try adding a DCC package to complement SA.  I use SA and DCC on
> my mail server and have been very pleased with the results.  However, our build
> servers need a make install script that understands DESTDIR as the destination
> directory.  Presently, all that I have been able to do is just whack the files
> into my defined prefix on my mail server.

Why can't you use something like `./configure --homedir=$DESTDIR` ?

> Also, if I am incorrect on my understanding of DCC licensing and that I should
> not do this, please tell me. 
> ...

The DCC licensing lets you change and redistribute the source, provide
you don't blame.   I suspect I ought to check that the license does 
not let you make substantive changes and then claim it is still the DCC.

Vernon Schryver

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