Greylisting and SMTP AUTH?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Dec 22 15:43:57 UTC 2003

> From: Spike Ilacqua <>

> > An equivalent of that could be presented to users by showing all
> > files with containing the same "Body:...",  checksum line as if they
> > were a single file.
> Doable, but a great deal of parsing when people already typically have
> 2000 log files without greylist enabled.  One logfile per message seems
> more logical to me, and would definitely be easier to work with.

Since the dccd database can't really store anything except 24 bit
values with the keys that are checksums, I don't see an alternative.

There are some optimizations that could be made.  You could use
fgrep.  Only files with mtimes within the greylist "wait" time window
(default 5 days) would need to be checked.

I realized today that one would have to look at the second of the
greylist checksums at the end of log files to related all of the log files
for an embargoed message.

> > That would not prevent worries by users before the message was
> > retransmitted after the embargo.
> No, but atleast it would be easy to see which had passed the embargo and
> I could supply lots of information about what's going on with the ones
> that hadn't.

Would users likely to be concerned really care about messages that
had passed the embargo. 
Would they understand more information about those that hadn't or just
become even more concerned?

Vernon Schryver

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