Possible? dccifd/dccd greylisting as Postfix filter?'

Dmitry Khrustalev dima@park.rambler.ru
Sun Dec 21 22:28:06 UTC 2003

On Sun, 21 Dec 2003, Leandro Santi wrote:

> Err... thats an unreleased development snapshot. Some bugs have been fixed
> since then, and we have it running here as well, but I realised that the
> whole thing needs to be rewritten from scratch. In the meantime, I have
> to maintain it.

	I'm referring to your your code as to illustration of integration
difficulties. It's quite interesting reading.

> The upcoming Postfix 2.1 release has support for an external SMTP proxy;
> I think this is where the DCC stuff should go in for real-time spam
> rejection.

	Yes, unfortunately this does not scale for large systems.
Additionaly, for greylisting one has to add XCLIENT support to sendmail
(or any other mta acting as proxy).

> For non realtime processing, use Postfix's content filtering
> infrastructure.
> If nothing better comes up in the first half of the year, I'll probably
> rewrite the whole thing for our Postfix-2.1 upgrade (and finally release
> it for public use ;).
	Glad to hear this.


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