Possible? dccifd/dccd greylisting as Postfix filter?

Dmitry Khrustalev dima@park.rambler.ru
Sun Dec 21 18:53:21 UTC 2003

> > 	FYI, postfix + dccifd works for us quite well with DCC
> > greylisting.
> could you please share your recipe?

Well, my point is dccifd really works for greylisting in production,
something that Vernon was not shure of. We process several millions of
incoming messages a day using it.

As for postfix integration, we hook dccif() call into data_cmd() in
src/smtpd/smtpd.c . This approach not perfect as it needs an additional
queue file and one cannot insert X-DCC headers here - message is already
passed to cleanup daemon. If there is enough interest i may clean up uor
code and release it, however it is quite limited - we don't do dcc
rejects, only greylist embargo.

There is also another pre-greylisting dcc/postfix integration patch at
, you may want to look at that.


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