Greylisting and SMTP AUTH?

Chris Mikkelson
Sun Dec 21 16:05:50 UTC 2003

Quoting Spike Ilacqua <>:

> > Each (re)transmission of a message is logged by dccm, dccifd, and
> > dccproc in a separate file.
> What it if wasn't?  Would it be possible to save the name of the log
> file (just the six characters) in the greylist database and then append
> to the original log file?  That would leave a clear record of what
> happened that would be easy to read or for software to parse...

A better approach would be to base the log file name on the straight
body checksum, and append subsequent sightings/results to it.  The
client system would have to support long filenames, or you'd have to
have some way to resolve collisions.

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