dccifd vs greylisting

John R Levine johnl@iecc.com
Sun Dec 21 04:40:30 UTC 2003

I've done a few experiments to see about using dccifd to talk to a
greylist server, since I use qmail which doesn't have a milter interface
but does have an SMTP daemon that's easy to patch.

So I set up a greylist server like this, using the same IP as my main DCC

 $ libexec/dccd -b -i 32702 -n IECC -a -I iecc.com -G20 -TALL
1.2.21 listening to port 6276 with /var/dcc and 1023 MByte window

Looks reasonable, then I restarted dccifd so it'd notice the greylist
server, and used a little program to send stuff to dccifd which opens the
socket, copies stdin to it, shutdown(), and then copies back the result.
No matter what I feed it, all I can get is A responses, not G.  For
example I feed it this:


[ some random mail message here ]

and it says:

X-DCC-IECC-Metrics: xuxa.iecc.com 1107; Body=2

That was the second test, the first one said Body=1.  A list of the the
contents of the greylist db using dblist says it's empty. Am I missing
something here, or have I just confirmed Vern's suspicion that the code in
dccifd to talk to the greylist server needs a lot more debugging?

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