Possible? dccifd/dccd greylisting as Postfix filter?

Paul Vixie paul@vix.com
Sun Dec 21 03:29:39 UTC 2003

> If you know how to wire dccifd to Postfix, ...

i'd like to do this.  postfix's content filtering is at the smtp level,
such that its smtp listener will (when content filtering is enabled) send
the whole smtp session toward the content filter, which can be a local
program speaming smtp on stdin/stdout, or a real smtp listener on some
host:port.  the content filter has the responsibility to either reject
the mail or accept it; if it accepts, it can drop or reinject it.  postfix
provides several reinjection methods that are basically "do smtp again
but this time don't run the content filter."

it's clunky compared to milter, and i'm not convinced that a milter-
compatible "content filter" could not be written, but it's speculation.

vern, given that framework, what's the right way to touch dcc?

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