Greylisting and SMTP AUTH?

Vernon Schryver
Sun Dec 21 02:12:40 UTC 2003

> From: Spike Ilacqua <>

> > Yes, if a message was embargoed, then it is logged when it is passed.
> Logged in the original log file?  If so I could proably make that work.

Each (re)transmission of a message is logged by dccm, dccifd, and
dccproc in a separate file.

> > I added the "log no-grey" kludge because of what I understood
> > happened at another organization.  Requiring that attention be 
> > paid to "embargo ended" log messages can be major requirement.
> OK, if I use "log no-grey", is there a log of messages that didn't
> survive greylisting?  Have no log (user visable) of rejected mail could
> cause confusion of it's own.

A message that fails to survive greylisting is any message that the
sending SMTP client fails to retransmit as required by RFC 2821.  It's
hard to log the absense of an event.  One might look for previous log
files of the same message when a message passes its embargo, but that
would have problems.  There might have been reasons in addition to
greylisting to log a previous copy of a message.  This also would 
not prevent worries by users who see the log file before the
retransmission that passes the embargo.  

"Log no-grey" affects only per-user log files.  All rejected
messages are always logged in the main dccm or dccifd log directory.
You can put "log no-grey" in the main /var/dcc/whiteclnt file and let
users override that setting for their individual log directories
with "log all-grey"

Vernon Schryver

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