New DCC install with SA 2.61

Alan Munday
Tue Dec 16 21:25:45 UTC 2003

I've installed DCC today and intend to call it from Spamassassin (2.61).

Having followed the extremely simply install instructions in and ensured the firewall is correctly
configured I've run several tests.

Running spamassassin -D -r <mail.file show that DCC is available and that
the spam is reported to DCC.

I've done this as root and as the mail user-id.

When I check cdcc 'info' the counters increment across the various DCC

However when looking through the mail marked as spam I've yet to see any
mail marked as DCC_CHECK and the request counters are not incrementing.

This is leading me to assume that DCC is not working under SA.

Have I missed something, does anything else need setting up?



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