Using dccifd with SpamAssassin

Chris Mikkelson
Sat Dec 13 01:52:38 UTC 2003

Quoting Vernon Schryver <>:

> > From: Chris Mikkelson <>
> > ...
> > If dccifd is being used only for spamassassin, you might consider
> > turning off logging for dccifd.  Spamassassin doesn't seem to shut
> > down the dccifd connection properly, and dccifd will log these.
> That sounds like a bug on one side or the other.
> What do the messages look like?

The log file ends with:

        write(MTA socket,4): Broken pipe

which causes all messages to be logged.

On closer inspection, it appears to be a bug in my perl setup, which doesn't
know about the shutdown() function for some reason.

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