Using dccifd with SpamAssassin

Chris Mikkelson
Fri Dec 12 22:45:13 UTC 2003

Quoting "Smart,Dan" <>:

> I need some help.
> I'm using spamassassin 1.61, and have been using dccproc for a long time and
> it works great.  I was going to upgrade to using dccifd now that SA supports
> it, but I can't figure out how to make it work.
> Spamassassin runs `dccproc -H -R` when it runs.

You need to set dcc_home in your spamassassin config.

       dcc_home /var/dcc  # or whatever your dcc homedir is

SpamAssassin will look for the dccifd socket in dcc_home, and use
that instead of dccifd if it finds it.

If dccifd is being used only for spamassassin, you might consider
turning off logging for dccifd.  Spamassassin doesn't seem to shut
down the dccifd connection properly, and dccifd will log these.

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