Using dccifd with SpamAssassin

Vernon Schryver
Fri Dec 12 22:48:49 UTC 2003

> From: "Smart,Dan" <>

> ...
> I set DCCM_ENABLE and DCCD_ENABLE to "off" and DCCIFD_ENABLE to "on" 
> Since I'm running this sitewide, I made DCCM_USERDIRS=  (If that's correct?)

That is a valid setting if you want no per-user DCC client log files
or white lists.

> Not sure what else to setup, but when I fireup the start_dccifd and test is
> with a `spamassassin -D --lint` it says it can't find dccifd.  What am I
> doing wrong?  How should the dcc_conf be setup.  

Is SpamAssassin configured to look for the dccifd UNIX domain socket
where dccifd has put it?  I don't know where SpamAssassin looks or
how to change, but my guess is that the default is /var/dcc/dccifd.
Did you build the DCC code to use some other home directory?

>                                                  I don't understand logging.
> Is there a way to get minimalist logging for error only?  I also don't need
> whitelisting nor rejecting.

Dccifd and dccproc error and tracing messages are sent to syslog according
to their -L args. 
The `dccifd -l logdir` setting via DCCIFD_ARGS in /var/dcc/dcc_conf
controls writing files each containing a mail message and error and
other messages related to the mail message.

Vernon Schryver

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