Benefit of greylisting

Vernon Schryver
Fri Dec 12 16:27:28 UTC 2003

> From: Aaron Paetznick <>

> I use DCC indirectly in a filter chain beginning with MIMEDefang.  I'm 
> not sure how I can start using greylisting in this kind of a setup.  As 
> greylisting involves rejecting email, and in this setup DCC can't 
> expliticly reject an email (only contribute to a final score), I don't 
> see how this could work.  Is greylisting even worth attempting in this 
> setup?

Greylisting must be done during the SMTP transaction.

You seem to be using sendmail 8.12.10.  If that is true, then you might
switch to using dccm, but let dccm only add X-DCC headers that would
be used during your scoring.  This assumes that you are using MIMEDefang
during delivery instead of during the SMTP transaction.

Vernon Schryver

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