Naming DCC servers

Leandro Santi
Fri Dec 12 03:40:49 UTC 2003

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003, Gary Mills wrote:
> So far, I've just used the `official' hostnames for my DCC servers.
> Now, I have the need to move at least one of them from one machine
> to another.  Would it be best to use CNAMEs instead?  If so, I'd
> probably call them dcc1..., dcc2..., etc.  I suppose I'd have to
> ask the flood peers to start using the CNAMEs, and move the server
> a bit later.

We use CNAMEs here for every non-dedicated machine. For example, dcc4's
`official' hostname is dcc4 itself, because the machine does nothing but
public DCCd. For multi-service machines, theres a CNAME for each one
of those services.


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