Help getting DCC working for spamassain newbie, please

Vernon Schryver
Wed Dec 10 03:49:42 UTC 2003

> From: stan <>

> ...
> I grabed the latest tarball, and compiled and installed it, but cdcc info
> saya "no servers". Thinsking it was a firewall issue, I temporarily disable
> all filtering on the OpenBSD box that I use to connect to the net, but it
> still does not work.
> ...

> What should I check next?

Check for more firewall filtering or perhaps strange routing.  It is
almost certain that answers to the DCC/UDP/IP requests from your system
are not reaching your system.  Outgoing packets could be filtered,
but that would be an unusual case.  It is very common for people
to configure their firewalls to reject packets from distant UDP port 6277.

> traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
> traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
>  1  koala (  1.053 ms  0.757 ms  3.248 ms
> ...

> 15 (  108.510 ms  85.306 ms  88.993 ms

Assuming that version of `traceroute` uses UDP, that suggests packets
probably to ports above 32K were answered by ICMP packets when the test
was made.  

Just now from two parts of the net in Colorado and Boston, packets
to are immediately answered with Unreachables.  From
another part in California, there is no answer.

It would be good to try traceroute from outside your network to see
what happens.

Vernon Schryver

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