Frequent database rebuilds for greylisting

Vernon Schryver
Mon Dec 8 03:20:19 UTC 2003

> From: Gary Mills <mills@cc.UManitoba.CA>

> Is there something different with database cleaning for greylisting?
> It seems to happen about once a minute.  ...

When a message is determined to be spam by the DCC after having
been reported to a greylist server, the greylist server is told to
delete its records.  This prevents obvious holes in greylisting.

To be sure that all records of a deleted checksum are deleted from a
DCC database, you must run dbclean.  When dccd deletes a record, it
schedules and then starts dbclean.  For dccm and dccifd, a greylist
server is merely dccd run in a slightly different mode.

My hope is that frequent dbclean passes over the greylist database
will be ok, because the greylist database should be very small compared
to the DCC database of all spam seen in the Internet.  If I'm wrong
about that, please let me know.

If you are running a large system with multiple DCC servers, you
probably should run multple greylist servers.  All of your DCC clients
should know about all of your greylist servers so that they can apply
the DCC client load balancing and fail-over code to pick the fastest
available greylist server.  Of course, all of your greylist servers
should flood each other by being listed in your /var/dcc/grey_flod

Vernon Schryver

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