too many CIDR blocks in whiteclnt

Vernon Schryver
Sat Nov 22 00:50:17 UTC 2003

> From: John Doherty <>

> Since updating to DCC 1.2.18 earlier today, I'm getting a fair number of
> warnings that say "too many CIDR blocks in line 110 of /var/dcc/whiteclnt."
> ...

The new client whitelist CIDR mechanism allows only 64 large blocks /27
or larger.  Blocks /28 or smaller are handled the old way, but adding
separate hash table entries for each IP address in the block.

Can you make your blocks larger and so fewer?  

64 fairly large blocks seems like a lot.
My choice of /28 for the boundary between old and new mechanisms was
fairly arbitrary.  Is it too small?

Recall that client whitelists are limited to about 80K entries.

Vernon Schryver

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