SA-2.60 DCC

Vernon Schryver
Mon Oct 20 03:07:13 UTC 2003

> From: Matthias Fuhrmann <>

> ./configure  --disable-server --disable-dccm --with-rundir=/var/tmp \
> --homedir=/local/home/milter/dcc

> DCCUID=milter (this user is running spamd / milterassassin too)

There's also ./configure --with-uid=milter

> dccproc[11400]: [ID 349477 mail.error] missing message body; fatal error

That indicates that dccproc was not given what it thought was a complete
SMTP message consisting of RFC 822 headers, a blank line, and the
contents of the message.

> spamd[14979]: debug: DCC: got response: missing message body; fatal error
> spamd[14979]: debug: DCC -> check failed: no X-DCC returned (did you
> create a map file?): missing message body; fatal error

I know nothing useful about spamd.  However, the lack of a proper
SMTP mesage would keep dccproc from adding an X-DCC header line.
Perhaps that made it appear to spamd that dccproc is broken instead
by the lack of a map file.

Vernon Schryver

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