SA-2.60 DCC

Matthias Fuhrmann
Sat Oct 18 23:56:11 UTC 2003


i've just installed dcc (dcc-dccd-1.2.11) with these configure options:
./configure  --disable-server --disable-dccm --with-rundir=/var/tmp \

switched within dcc_conf:
DCCUID=milter (this user is running spamd / milterassassin too)

first result i saw was this (syslog reporting):
dccproc[11400]: [ID 349477 mail.error] missing message body; fatal error

and those:

spamd[14979]: debug: DCC: got response: missing message body; fatal error
spamd[14979]: debug: DCC -> check failed: no X-DCC returned (did you
create a map file?): missing message body; fatal error

there is the default map file in /local/home/milter/dcc.

any idea of what went wrong here?


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