checksum choices?

Alexy Khrabrov
Fri Oct 17 05:36:03 UTC 2003

Greetings!  First of all, I must say, this is the best thing
which happened to spam (i.e. for canning it away) since
bogofilter.  I already built a two-level review system for
DCC + bogofilter, and now added mutt scoring to it.  Pieces
are posted to mutt-users and bogofilter lists, and I'll put
up a web page of scripts when they're polished enough.

Now, in the scoring process, I've noticed that all headers
are one line long, start with X-DCC, and have three checksums:
Body, Fuz1, Fuz2.  Then my script broke on the following today:

X-DCC-SPAMCHECK.NET-Metrics: angle 1168; From=85 Message-ID=1 Received=1        
        Body=1 Fuz1=1 Fuz2=1                                                    

First of all, it's split across two lines, the second starts
with a tab.  I'm not an RFC guru yet -- is it safe?  Is it 

Apparently that guy does more.  In fact, I love the From count.
As you see, all others are low, but this is perfect spam.  

So I wonder, how can I control which checksums I want to count,
what are those available, how they are defined, etc.?

Otherwise, how do I connect to him specifically?  :)

The owner of your homepage says Welcome! --
and that's it.  Would be nice to be able to contact you!

Alexy Khrabrov :: :: Age Quod Agis

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