map is not the size of a DCC map file

Vernon Schryver
Thu Oct 16 17:44:06 UTC 2003

> From: TheCajun <>

> After installing lattest DCC, I get this in /var/log/maillog.  Any ideas
> why?
> ...

You are probably running on a system that does not have IPv6 support
but does have some IPv6 headers defined.  

The /var/dcc/map file format has changed a couple times in recent
versions.  The DCC client library code tries to recognize and
automatically convert old /var/dcc/map files.  Separate changes to
defend against systems that think they have IPv6 support but don't
broke the new DCC versions' guesses of the proper sizes of old
/var/dcc/map files in some cases, including some versions of Linux.

The quick fix is to delete /var/dcc/map and rebuild it with 

    cdcc "new map; load map.txt"

If you do not have an ASCII copy of your old map file in  map.txt or
elsewhere, and if you are not running a DCC server, a good enough and
often better version can be found in homedir/map.txt in the DCC source.

Vernon Schryver

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