Server whitelist not working in DCC 1.2.11

Vernon Schryver
Thu Oct 16 02:47:16 UTC 2003

> From: Gary Mills <mills@cc.UManitoba.CA>

> ...
> > It seems a little surprising to whitelist all IP addresses at a
> > university instead of only those that might reasonable send legitimate
> > bulk mail.  Mail from networks in labs and dorms sounds like a good
> > place for heavy filtering.
> Unfortunately, almost any computer on campus can be a source of
> legitimate bulk mail.  All you have to do is to build a local address
> list, and send the mail.  People expect it to work.  However, we
> almost never have a spam problem from on-campus computers.  The main
> problem that we have with student-owned computers is from worms,
> trojans, and copyright violations. We have to locate them and shut
> them down anyway, because they are a security hazard.  Otherwise, we
> let people do whatever they want, and assume that they will act
> responsibly.
> ...

I don't want to argue the point since your position is reasonable.
If I did want to argue, I'd say that registering an intent to send
bulk mail and so requesting a whitelist entry doesn't sound onerous.
One could also whitelist individual internal systems as soon as you
notice legitmately bulk mail from them.  I'd also point out that worm
bulk mail is fair game.  Then there is the spam that some people claim
is the purpose of recent worms.

Vernon Schryver

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