Server whitelist not working in DCC 1.2.11

Vernon Schryver
Tue Oct 14 23:07:12 UTC 2003

> From: Gary Mills <mills@cc.UManitoba.CA>

> ...
> It seems that only `dccm' is having this problem. The DCC servers
> do have the correct checksums, according to this test...
> ...

>   X-DCC-UofM-Metrics: naos 1032; IP=ok Body=0
>                                                         checksum  server      
>                          IP: 9e43e23f e1cf013e b180603a 653ca3ab      ok      

> So, why would `dccm' not be getting a checksum from the server?

These the following lines from the log file of the previous example show
that dccm was talking to some DCC server somewhere:

]	   Body: 85c6a262 a52f124d da385321 25239ffa       0      
]	   Fuz1: 7492862d 9402ade1 3f85901e 2eb24faa       0      
]	   Fuz2: e0dfb371 8620c154 afb1ed4f 7e6c0367     207      

That target count of 207 in suggests that some DCC server
was asked and answered more than once.

The X-DCC header line in the log file should have clues about which
DCC server answered with that "207".  My first guess is that the X-DCC
header  won't start with "X-DCC-UofM-Metrics" and that the public DCC
servers or some others are listed in /var/dcc/map file on electra.
If this guess is right, `cdcc dccm` on electra will list more than
localhost and the IP addresses of your DCC servers.

Mu second guess is that something was wrong with /var/dcc/whitelist
when dbclean was run before the message was bounced but was fixed
and dbclean was run after the message bounced and before the dccproc test.
If this guess is right, then between the initial and final lines
from dbclean in the log file will be some whining about the whitelist file.

Vernon Schryver

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