whitelist on grey server

Krzysztof Snopek ksnopek@ely.pg.gda.pl
Mon Oct 6 10:42:44 UTC 2003

After installing DCC 1.2.9 with greylisting on our mail server
I'm rather happy with it. Lot of spam is embargoed and most of it
is never seen again. There are some smart spammers who resend
their messages after embargo expires and are accepted. What's worse, some
of them are also trying other IP adresses after being embargoed and thus
increasing mail traffic -but generally greylisting idea looks nice and
worth of installing.
At the moment, I see one problem with whitelisting on my 'grey' DCC
server. Some of clients at home are connected through dial-up and
get different IP on every next connection . In effect, when they are
trying to send mail through our server, they're always embargoed
because of different IP. I'm of course trying to add them to the
server's whitelist, but it looks like the lines like
	ok	substitute mail_host ....
	ok	env_from  ......
do not work on grey DCC server. Only lines like
	ok	ip	......
do have proper effect, but now I have to list there
whole C-classes of IP adresses (even several classes), what
is not necessarily the best solution. Would it be possible to
add (in future versions) something like -S option now existing in dccm to
the grey dccd ?
Or maybe I make some mistake with those 'substitute' or 'env_from'
lines and they should work even with current version?

					Krzysztof Snopek

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