greylisting and dccproc

Brian T Glenn
Wed Sep 17 19:32:02 UTC 2003

On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 04:00:07PM -0400, Brian T Glenn wrote:
| Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 16:00:07 -0400
| From: Brian T Glenn <>
| Subject: Re: greylisting and dccproc
| To:
| As a side note, has anyone worked on adding dccifd functionality into
| qmail? I would be willing to test any code people have out there.
| Otherwise I will work on it myself and release a patch to anyone who is
| interested.

Sorry for the self-followup, but I wanted to poll the DCC community one
more time on any work people have done to qmail for adding dccifd client

I am at a point now where I have some time to spend on working on this,
and wanted to see if anyone had gotten anywhere with it.

If not, I will start working on modifying qmail to handle dccifd via a
control/ file, or some other method (yet to be determined).

Also, if anyone out there is running qmail, but doesn't necessarily want
to modify the code, but would be willing to test my patch, I will be
looking for testers in the future when I have something more concrete.
Please contact me off list to volunteer for that.

Thanks for your time,
Brian T Glenn Internet Services

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