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Wed Sep 17 09:10:11 UTC 2003

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 08:08:16 -0600 (MDT)
Vernon Schryver <> wrote:

> Please DO NOT use SMTP rejection messages that point to
> or  Point to your own web pages.  I don't need to receive
> more mail like this:
>     How can I remove CENSORED from the list of UBE ?
>     Remote host said: 550 This mail has been detected as UBE by DCC (see
> for more details about DCC)
Oops. I must plead guilty about that one.
I removed the reference to the website. 
My apologies for the disturbance it has caused.

> The notes from SpamCop warning me that is being added
> to that blacklist because some luser reported a message that
> SpamAssassin had tested against the DCC and added headers mentioning
> the DCC have stopped.  It would be nice to not have some other
> stream replace it.
> Vernon Schryver

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