Does DCC skip attachments?

Tue Sep 16 13:13:47 UTC 2003

John R Levine wrote:
>>>      Fuz2: e49f6eba 1055a720 6a9afb79 9a2ede52    4077
>> I don't see that checksum in John Levine's whitelist of empty
>> messages
>> at
> I just added ten new empty message checksums that I started seeing in
> the
> past few months, and that's one of them.  It's probably from a newly
> updated version of one of the Microsoft MUAs.
> Regards,
> John Levine,

In the interest of keeping this up to date, I have found the following
checksums that originate from Yahoo accounts that forward email without
adding any of their own text in the body (i.e. it only contains the default
Yahoo text and footer with HTML)

# blank forwards from Yahoo
ok2    hex    fuz1    598834d4 7a4bb19f 98f6b7d8 9903c83c
ok2    hex    fuz2    15330647 e08f6be3 0c7e1a96 08f0679c


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