questiosn about semantics of whitelist entries

Craig Constantine
Mon Sep 15 18:12:54 UTC 2003

Hi all,

  I read the dcc(8) man page and FAQ about whitelists, but I still have 
some semantic questions. Was too lazy though to go reading the source code 
to see if it was strcasecmp() or strncasecmp() ... ;)

In things like comparing header names; is everything case insenstive?
OK from
OK From
...are allidentical?

And what about case sensitivity in 821-path's, 822-mailbox's, and string's 
compared against env_From/To, From, etc? ie, are these also identical...

OK  from

And, is it a substring match or a literal string comparison?
eg header:

From: "foo legit bulk source" <>

would the following match it?
OK  from

or do I need to do:
OK  from   "foo bulk source" <>

And finally, I'm scratching my head looking at legit list subscription 
confirmation auto-mailers that bury the confirmation ID in the reply email 
address... eg:

env_From:  "whiz bang" <>

can I whitelist all such messages with a simple:

OK  env_From


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