more about greylisting ...

Vernon Schryver
Mon Sep 15 15:10:07 UTC 2003

> From: Valentin Chopov <>

> Do you think that implementing grey_whiteclnt  & grey_whiteclnt.dccw
> into dccm will be a good idea.

No, I don't see the utility of per-user escaping from greylisting of
incoming mail.  If the SMTP client sending the mail is not broken
or not a pure transient such as an MUA using SMTP for the MUA-to-MTA
protocol, then the worst greylisting can do is delay mail by the
RFC 2821 30 minute delay.  A 30 minute delay for all recipients
because one recipient wants greylisting is the right choice.

>                                In case of multiple "dccd -G" servers
> and a single dccm client it's much easier to manage a single
> grey_whiteclnt file then  multiple grey_whitelist files.

Why have multiple `dccd -G` servers for a single dccm client?
If you do, why not use rdist/ssh, NFS, or some other mechanism
to coordinate a common grey_whitelist file for all of the `dccd -G`
servers?  I don't see the grey_whitelist files changing frequently.

Vernon Schryver

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