more about greylisting ...

Valentin Chopov
Mon Sep 15 13:22:24 UTC 2003


I have some questions about new grey_whitelist.
This is server based whitelist, so do I have to kill/start the
"dccd -G" every time  I make changes in the grey_whitelist.
Also, what about the "dccm -g not-all", is this going to affect
the grey whitelists too? I prefer not ;)
This is not very important but maybe someday it can be cganged -
cdcc "grey on; stats" gives  info (>10,>100>100,many)
which doesn't make any sense for greylisting. And one they this
info can be used to create a useful rrd graphs for greylisting;)



Valentin S. Chopov, CC[ND]P
Sys/Net Admin
SEI Data Inc.

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