how to do per-user/per-domain threshhold with dccifd?

Dave Lugo
Sun Sep 14 02:35:17 UTC 2003

Looking over the man page for dccifd, I don't see any way
to allow a user to specify a threshhold.   The '-U' option
works well for per-user whitelists, but that's it.

Currently, my kludged-together MTA is using dccproc prior
to end-of-DATA.  Because of how dccproc is hooked into my
setup, I'm able to have a default threshhold/whiteclnt per
each domain that I accept mail for, as well as per-user
prefs that override the domainwide prefs.

Might there be some use in extending dccifd to do the above,
or can it do it already, and I'm being dense?

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