Does DCC skip attachments?

Rose, Bobby
Tue Sep 9 15:39:54 UTC 2003

If it's blank message then that would do it because all it would have to
look at would be that html code whichyou can be certain that 100s of
empty html has been seen plenty of times.

I just had a similar case this week were I was asked why a blank message
was rejected.  It was for some mailing that gest sent out everyday and
if there wasn't anything to report, it was an empty message (except for
the crazy html template they used).  I posed the question to them, why
send out an email if there's nothing to report?  That's like the local
newpaper delivery a paper that just says "no news today"

Have him switch to plain text and it probably will go thru because the
plain empty text part would be too smal for DCC to care about and the
pdf would most like not have been see anywhere.

DCC rejects if any mime part matches the fuzzies and is over the
threshold, basically treating each mime type as a separate message.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 11:14 AM
Subject: Does DCC skip attachments?

I had a complaint today from a professor who was e-mailing documents
from his home address to his work address.  The mail was rejected by
DCC.  When I looked at the DCC log, I discovered that the mail was
multipart/alternative with an attachment.  The plain text part was
empty.  The HTML part was also empty, except for all the font and style
definitions inserted by his MUA.  These two parts certainly could be
identical to thousands of other messages, which would cause DCC to
consider the mail as bulk mail.

However, the attachment was his own PDF file, and should have been
unique.  Did DCC skip this part when it was calculating checksums?

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