Dccm troubles

Dale Hege fhege@sover.net
Thu Sep 4 22:22:39 UTC 2003

Hello, I recently started using dccm to filter our email and have found
that dccm seems to "die" fairly frequently. I have 4 dccm servers 3 are
BSD/OS 4.1 and 1 4.3.1. All of them seem to stop running. The 4.3.1 seems
to do it less. I have gotten 2 cores. All machines are running sendmail

One from the 4.3.1 running dccm 1.2.2

This GDB was configured as "i386-unknown-bsdi4.3"...
Core was generated by `dccm'.
Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.
#0  0xa00883b5 in kill () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0
(gdb) where
#0  0xa00883b5 in kill () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0
#1  0xa008831a in abort () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0
#2  0xa0089d1b in _thread_aio_entry_init () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0
#3  0xa0089b14 in _thread_sys_accept () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0
#4  0x804ce35 in mi_listener ()
#5  0x804c4d8 in smfi_main ()
#6  0x8048c46 in main ()
#7  0xa00004ca in loader_libc () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0

and one from 4.1 running dccm 1.2.3

This GDB was configured as "i386-unknown-bsdi4.1"...
Core was generated by `dccm'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.

#0  0xa007e623 in _thread_aio_suspend ()
(gdb) where
#0  0xa007e623 in _thread_aio_suspend ()
#1  0xa007ce8f in _thread_sys_write ()
#2  0x804909c in log_write (wp=0x80cec10, logbuf=0x1014eda4, len=77)
    at dccm.c:866
#3  0x804910d in log_ck_write (wp=0x80cec10, logbuf=0x1014eda4, len=77)
    at dccm.c:883
#4  0x805fd3f in dcc_print_cks (arg=0x80cec10, cks=0x80cf4b0,
    out=0x80490fc <log_ck_write>) at ck.c:383
#5  0x804b1ec in dccm_eom (milter_ctx=0x8116600) at dccm.c:2273
#6  0x804e417 in st_bodyend ()
#7  0x804db81 in mi_engine ()
#8  0x804cae7 in mi_handle_session ()
#9  0x804c40f in mi_thread_handle_wrapper ()
#10 0xa0034de2 in _thread_kern_start ()

But most of the time it seems to just stop running with no core. The last
messages in the logs look like this

Sep  4 18:03:10 trout dccm[22855]: 1.2.2 rejected messages to 649 targets
and discarded messages to 0 targets among 1306 total since 09/04/03



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