dccd-1.2.x high CPU usage ?

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Tue Sep 2 19:25:52 UTC 2003

> From: Valentin Chopov <valentin@valcho.net>

> It looks that dccd-1.2.x (currently I'm running 1.2.2 but I thing I had
> the same problem with 1.2.0 too)  is consuming a lot of CPU (> 60% on my
> server) I can't find the reason for this, any ideas?

When dccd starts after being down for a while, it does some grinding
for a few minutes.  1.2.x has changes to try to spread out that work.

I don't know how to look for such problems except the usual ways.
Perhaps the easiest is to grab the process with gdb and repeatedly
stop it, check the stack, and then let it resume.  That will find
an infinite loop.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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