greylisting and dccproc

Mon Aug 25 19:52:38 UTC 2003

Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Does anyone use dccproc during the SMTP transaction to reject spam?
> I ask because I've finished adding greylisting to dccm and dccifd.
> I've punted on dccproc because dccproc does not currently know
> the SMTP envelope RCPT_TO value(s).

Recently we went with Spamassassin for the added checks which, as of version
2.55 still uses dccproc. I see in the release notes for the [yet unreleased]
version 2.60 that dccifd will be used in lieu of dccproc so our use of
dccproc will be very shortlived.

Looking forward to the greylist implementation for dccifd :-)

Sven Willenberger

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