greylisting and dccproc

Vernon Schryver
Mon Aug 25 19:30:03 UTC 2003

> From: Dave Lugo <>

> > Does anyone use dccproc during the SMTP transaction to reject spam?
> I currently do, with obtuse's smtpd.
> > I suspect no one is using dccproc during the SMTP transaction.
> > Dccifd is the preferred mechanism.
> I've been meaning to redo my email setup at home.  Dunno if I'll
> continue using dccproc or not.  Will dccproc be less 'feature-rich'
> in the future?  If so, I'll direct my attention to moving to dccifd.

Dccproc was always intended to be work with mechanisms like procmail,
which is why it has that name, it doesn't currently know about the
envelope targets, and what it knows about the rest of the envelope
is via kludges.

Vernon Schryver

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