badly signed NOP response from (,6277)

Vernon Schryver
Tue Aug 19 00:04:34 UTC 2003

> From: <>

> Hi, I'm having trouble with a fresh install.  I've read a number of threads
> in the archive with no luck.  This will be run on a server that is not
> behind a firewall, but it is firewalled itself.  There is no outbound
> blocking, and I have it set to accept UDP and TCP 6277.

Running anything except firewall filtering code on a firewall reduces
the security of network.

>                                                          I'm trying to get
> anon working before I set up an ID and all that, is that a mistake?

Getting an anonymous client working is a good first step.

> ...
> badly signed NOP response from (,6277)
> badly signed NOP response from (,6277)
> badly signed NOP response from (,6277)
> badly signed NOP response from (,6277)
> ...

Those say that the DCC client code is receiving packets from the
DCC servers, but the HMAC is broken.  Two possible explanations
occur to me.  The first is that your firewall wall is messing with
incoming packets, perhaps because it is some kind of NAT monstrosity.
The second is that your MD5 library, C compiler or other environment
is not healthy.

That your MUA seems to be Microsoft Outlook suggests that perahps
you are running something unusual.  On the other hand, I do see
"8.12.8/8.12.5."  What sort of system do you have?

Vernon Schryver

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