Can't figure out why this is bouncing

Vernon Schryver
Thu Aug 14 13:54:53 UTC 2003

> From: Bertha <>

> I don't know why, but recently DCC has started bouncing mail to the admin 
> address of a locally-hosted mailing list (line breaks added for 
> readability):

> ...
>  Aug 13 20:27:48 yetta sendmail[19021]: h7E0RiJ8019021: 
>  to=<>, delay=00:00:01, pri=30203, 
>  stat=5.7.1. 550 Suspected spam; mail refused.  See 
> In the /var/dcc/whitelist file I have
> ok	to

Shouldn't that be "env_to" instead of "to"?

> I also have mail to that address classified as "spamfriend" in the 
> sendmail access file.
> But mail to that address is still bouncing.  I'm quite puzzled.  Help?

What do the dccm log files for those messages have to say?  

`grep dccm /var/log/maillog` (or or wherever the dccm log messages go)
should find complaints about an unrecognized checksum type.

What does `dccproc -w whiteclnt` say?  It should whine in the system log
something like:
 ... dccproc[26114]: unrecognized checksum type "to" in line 92 of whiteclnt 

Vernon Schryver

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