Uptick in spam?

gagel@cnc.bc.ca gagel@cnc.bc.ca
Thu Aug 7 15:20:48 UTC 2003

Actually I've just implemented (due to gateway changes) rbl and rDNS.
Big decrease in spam at my site.

Correct me if I'm wrong though, DCC does not analyze the spamyness of
a message. It simply computes a checksum. The more often it shows up
the higher the count. If you submit a checksum with a count of many
then you guarentee that it will be caught in future queries.


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> I'm seeing more spam getting by DCC in the last few days.  The
> messages have counts, but they are low.  I'm wonder if there's a new
> trick that's allowing these to get by, it's bad luck, or it's just
> more volume in general.  Anyone else seeing an increase?
> ->Spike
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