Setting up dcc

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jul 30 22:51:55 UTC 2003

> From: "Russ" <>

> Looks like a file problem to me.  Double check that
> the appropriate directive is in then run it thru m4, bounce
> sendmail and try it again. 

I doubt the problems have anything to do with or
Neither would keep the DCC makefiles from building and installing
dccm, although they could keep sendmail from trying to contact dccm
via the (default) UNIX domain socket.  The makefiles probably complained
that they could not find the sendmail milter and utilty libraries.

>                             I run dccproc via SpamAssassin....but it
> is a lot easier to use and set up.

That and Tod's suggestion are appropriate.

However, you might be surprised by how many people set up SpamAssassin
to use the DCC with dccproc or the faster, preferred dccifd, and
fail to configure their firewalls or even make the obvious and
documented checks to see if the DCC is doing anything (e.g. `cdcc
info`).  The public DCC servers hear from some DCC clients that
send 10,000 to 30,000 requests per day through firewalls that pass
outgoing DCC requests but reject the incoming answers.  There are
probably hundreds of smaller sites doing the same.

> From: "Tod Ihde" <>

> > Sounds like you haven't set up & installed the DCC Milter interface but
> > are trying to use it.


> > I mean this in the nicest way possible, but... If error messages such as
> > these are confusing you, perhaps you should not run DCC. Just use the
> > dccproc client, and query against the public DCC servers. Trust me,
> > you're going to aviod a lot of headaches if you do it that way.

> >   I don't know of any step-by-step for use with sendmail.
> ...

They're available, but to paraphrase the saying about prices, "If you
have to ask ..."

Vernon Schryver

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