persistently down servers

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 28 14:58:15 UTC 2003

> From: Leandro Santi <>

> > Old clients compute checksums of some (but far from all) mail differently.
> > The bad effects of that are limited to increasing the size of the
> > consensus database.  Your client will only notice counts reported by
> > other clients that compute checksums the same as your client.
> Would it make sense to run two instances of the DCC client code during
> (significant) checksum changes? I guess this is important so that the 
> detection rate isn't affected by the (more) heterogeneous nature of the 
> DCC net during early migrations.

If you are among the very first to install a new version, then yes,
that would help.  However, as soon as there are 100,000 mailboxes
computing checksums the new way, it's probably not worth the trouble.
There are enough big sites that install new versions fairly quickly
it's probably not worth it in general.

Vernon Schryver

(oops, I see that switched mailing lists message before last)

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