continue not asking DCC

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jul 24 14:15:26 UTC 2003

> From: "Bolmerg-Berliner Ludger - Munich-MR" <>

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> Hi
> from time to time I am seeing up to 20 or more messages within about 30 =
> sec in my log file=20
> Jul 24 10:34:53 netserv2 dccm[72147]: continue not asking DCC 8 seconds =
> after failure
> Does this mean dccm stopped asking the dcc servers completely?  Why =
> would this happen?

When no DCC servers answer at all, the DCC clients stop asking for a
while.  If the problem persists, the clients backoff for exponentially
longer periods.  In my view, passing legitimate mail is more important
than blocking spam.  If you have a busy SMTP server, you don't want
your spam filters to delay every incoming message for the worst case
DCC timeout when there is evidence that even if you do delay no DCC
server will answer.

To deal with the lack of DCC server answers,
  - check that your /var/dcc/map file contains good values
  - check for local network problems

`cdcc info` will show the current RTTs and recent responsiveness of 
the known DCC servers.  While things are broken, the usual tools
for diagnosing network problems can be used.

The current version of the DCC clients in
contains improvements for dealing with network problems.

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It is not good to send Microsft HTML to this mailing list.  For one
reason, see how hard it is to read in the archives, as in
For another reason, HTML email is an unnecesary evil when the message
uses no formatting.  HTML email is a major cause of worms and privacy
vioaltions, thanks Microsoft's notions of "user friendliness" and
"active content."

Vernon Schryver

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