Use of DCC with multiple email domains on mail server

Thu Jul 24 12:22:37 UTC 2003

Bolmerg-Berliner Ludger - Munich-MR wrote:
> I use DCC the same way as Dan handling all of my domains.  I would
> like to know if it is possible to limit the use of DCC to one or just
> a few domains only even your sendmail is handling mail for multiple
> domains.  This is a request if a single customer just wants to get
> everything.
> Ludger

What I have done is enabled per user ability to use DCC even though I am
running DCC as a milter on a gateway machine. Using the "-aIGNORE" flag to
dccm, all the mail gets passed to the final mail servers with DCC header
information only. Local procmail rulesets then look for the header and see
if the user has enabled content checking (the latter is done via a webpage
that saves the preferences to a mysql database; a cron job on the pop server
periodically queries the database for changes and creates a file in the
users' home directory containing variables such as contentcheck ( 0 or 1),
etc) and disposal methods (/dev/null, spam folder, tag subject line). In my
case the pertinent ruleset is:

* ContentCheck ?? 1
* ^X-DCC-.*-Metrics:.*\<bulk
        * DisposeDCC ?? 1

        :0 :
        *DisposeDCC ?? 2

        :0 f
        * ^Subject:\/.*
        | /usr/local/bin/formail -i "Subject: [Spam] $MATCH"

        :0 Ef
        * ! H ?? ^Subject:
        | /usr/local/bin/formail -i "Subject: [Spam]"

This is used in conjuction with various RBL lookups to give our end users
finetooth control over what is making the decisions on their email and what
is done with it if the mail is determined to be of a spammy nature.

Sven Willenberger

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